Dedication  & Sponsorship



Fundraising is always challenging.

Getting people to contribute to a cause, however deserving it may be, can be hard work

...but a little recognition can go a very long way!


A dedication brick, plaque or slip can be an excellent, cost effective way to show appreciation for the help or donations your supporters contribute. They are also an excellent way to upgrade and improve an area which needs uplifting or renovating, whether that be indoors or outdoors.

A large number of organisations have embraced this method of fundraising and have achieved excellent benefits both financially and for their business. 

There are a vast array of options when it comes to choosing a suitable material for your project, be it large or small. Individuals can buy a single brick of varying sizes depending on the level of donation, with larger stones specifically designed to accommodate a crest or logo. These provide huge appeal to corporate sponsors.

Listed below are some of our most popular options;



These are our new favourite! Available in a range of colours, these lightweight porcelain tiles are extremely versatile. They come in several different sizes, great to distinguish varying levels of donation. Ideal for indoor applications, they have a vibrant, modern look. They can be engraved with great detail and infilled with almost any colour or range of colours you can think of! They are easy to install and can be a cost effective option, to make the most of those valuable donations!


standard/glazed brick slips

These are ideal if you have a wall space that needs uplifting. They come in over 50 colours and can be infilled with almost any colour you can think of, so there's always a combination that will compliment your scheme. They generally come in a 215x65mm size and are a more affordable, but no less impressive option, so are suitable for smaller donations or to compliment other stone selections.


Available in 100's of different colours, granite is our most popular option. It is hard wearing, durable and a very beautiful natural material. It can be cut to any size required, and filled with a multitude of contrasting colours.


Basalt & flamed black granite

Basalt is a versatile material, particularly suitable for engravings that don't require a paint infill, giving a more natural finish.

Available in a range of sizes and shades, suitable for floor installations. 




Available in a range of shades, Sandstone installations can give a more prestigious finish. Particularly suitable for event openings and higher level donations, as this is generally a more expensive stone. It is available in a range of shades and has a stunning natural finish.




We only use the finest quality, natural slate. A versatile all weather stone, ideal for a huge range of applications such as commemorative plaques, retirement dedications, tree stakes, and all sorts of fundraising applications. Engraved with the latest laser technology, it has a natural, subtle beauty which will last a lifetime.

Some of our larger projects include:

 RFU Twickenham Stadium 

The National Memorial Arboretum

Midlands Air Ambulance

Birmingham City Football Club 
Aston Villa Football Club
Liverpool Library
Charlton Football Club
Arsenal FC Emirate Stadium
Royal Air Force

Help For Heroes

For more information about any of the materials you see here, or to discuss your options

please feel free to contact us in any of the ways detailed below.